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Virtual Resort Manager integration

Note 1: For PriceLabs to sync prices to Virtual Resort Manager(VRM), it is important that min-stay be specified for each date in PriceLabs. For more information on how to do this, please read setting dynamic min-stay from PriceLabs.

We're excited to be integrated with VRM - it has everything you need to manage your vacation rental. It is a complete vacation rental management system allowing you to both manage and market your properties utilizing online technologies. VRM's mission is to provide excellent vacation rental management software systems, marketing services, web site development and customer support to an expanding client base. The company's software is inclusive of all aspects of reservations, front desk, housekeeping, maintenance, marketing analysis, financial analysis and record keeping as well as other back office management tools.

Using PriceLabs with VRM is easy:

  1. Obtain your Client Code from VRM's Main menu, see screenshot below for a sample client code
  2. Enter VRM's Client Code in step 2 of our on-boarding guide. When the listings import, you will get a warning telling you that having min-stay set in PriceLabs is important.

  3. Before syncing any prices back,

    • Make sure you've set a default min-stay settings from PriceLabs, as the sync with VRM requires min-stay to be sent from PriceLabs. You can also setup advanced min-stay settings, or date specific min-stay settings - the instructions can be found on the link above.
  4. Once PriceLabs has synced prices, you can verify that by going to VRM's Rate module and clicking the correct Rate Group and then viewing the rates, see the two screenshots below that guide you to find your rates.

  5. To verify min-stays you will have to check under "Manage Properties" module and then choose the appropriate property from the list to "Manage Attributes", see the two screenshots below that guide you to find your min-stays.

That's it! You're now good to go! If you have any questions, please reach out to