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Vrbo Upload

While we don't directly integrate with Homeaway/VRBO, if you are a PriceLabs user with another OTA (Airbnb) or PMS (that doesn't connect to VRBO yet), we have a solution that can help you upload PriceLabs rates to Homeaway/VRBO in a few clicks! You would need to be using Chrome browser, and be logged in to PriceLabs and VRBO!

The extension works with:,,,,

  1. Download and install the PriceLabs VRBO Uploader from Chrome Store. You should see the PriceLabs icon appear at the top right of your browser like shown below.

  2. Next go to your listing on PriceLabs and download the CSV for the listing after "Review Prices". In the CSV we are concerned with three columns

    1. Date
    2. Recommended Price
    3. Min Stay

    All three columns must have positive values or else we can't update, so make sure the min-stay column does not read -1 or show no value. If min-stay is missing, either enter their min-stay in the "Min Stay" column for all dates, or return to PriceLabs to set a full min-stay strategy and download a new CSV. If min-stay values are not in the CSV, the VRBO update will not be successful.

  3. Make sure you are available on the Vrbo's listing's calendar page (Ex: to update rates and make sure correct property is chosen, see below

  4. Next follow these steps to upload rates: Click on the PriceLabs extension icon and then the Initialize button

  5. Click the "Choose File" button that will appear at the top of the rates calendar and select the most recent CSV of PriceLabs prices and min-stay requirements.
    Click to upload rates and wait for the Rates Updated tile to appear to make sure the update was successful.

That's it! You have now successfully uploaded your PriceLabs pricing and min-stay requirements to your VRBO listing! If you have any issues or questions, reach out to