Managing a large portfolio of listings from PriceLabs

Most of our users are very familiar with the main dynamic pricing dashboard. You login to this frequently to monitor how your listings are doing, review prices, change base/min/max prices and customizations as you need. In this post we want to highlight some features that will help streamline this process for you. Manage… Read More

Feature update! Mapping listings between portals

Last few weeks here have been incredibly busy as we continue push the boundaries on usability of PriceLabs. When we started dynamic pricing, we were an Airbnb only pricing portal but since then we have expanded primarily through our PMS partners e.g. Vreasy, Beds24, Orbirental, Rentals united etc. Many of you have several portals… Read More

New feature: Sync Now button - Immediate sync with Airbnb

You asked for it, and here it is … We are excited to announce new “Sync Now” button. We know that when you make edits to your PriceLabs calendar, often times you want to reflect those changes to Airbnb immediately. Now whether you adjust base prices or update your custom prices – you can push the updated… Read More