Getting Started Video Tutorials

Setting up your PriceLabs account for success is important. These quick video tutorials outline everything you need to know to best set up your PriceLabs account. Have a question we didn't covered? Check out our FAQ Video Tutorials! If you can't find the answer you're looking for, send us an email at… Read More

Advanced Minimum Price Settings

Important Note (Updated 11/14/2019): For any date, Minimum Price rules will be applied according to our general customization hierarchy - This means that it is possible to use date-level overrides, for example, to decrease the Minimum Price below a listing's Lowest Price. We're very pleased to announce some… Read More

Customization Groups to Help Manage Multiple Listings Together

Note: This post does not describe each individual customization, but focuses on how these can be created for a group of listings. For information about the available customizations, please see pricing customizations, min-night customizations, and date specific overrides. As PriceLabs grows and becomes the revenue management platform of choice for owners/hosts as well as… Read More

Understanding Customization and Date-Specific Override Hierarchy

Note: This post is does not describe the details of each customizations and date-specific overrides. Those are available in other posts under the Customizations Section of the blog. This blog details the hierarchy in which listing, group and account customizations and date specific overrides are applied. If you are reading this post, you probably are… Read More

Controlling your Minimum Night settings from PriceLabs!

Note 1: Minimum Nights Restrictions are advanced features that control how long a booking you require on certain dates. These settings should be used with a knowledge of your market, and the kind of bookings you want to get. Please email if you have any questions. Note 2: These features are currently… Read More

Pricing customizations to personalize your price recommendations!

At PriceLabs we strive to recommend the best data driven prices for your vacation rental and Airbnb listing to get bookings and drive revenue. While that works for most hosts and vacation rental managers, we recognize that you may want to customize certain aspects of the prices recommendation based on your preferences and what have… Read More

Feature Update! Base Price Help

UPDATE We now have a new version of base price help available. Please read more about it at Description of the older base price help below. One of the starting points of thinking about pricing your property, even before thinking about dynamic pricing is – what should the base price be.… Read More