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Price Offsets for Mapped Listings

The Price Offset customization sets a "Fixed" or "Percent" price change on the final Recommended Price (after all other customizations have been applied). It was developed for users who want comparable prices for mapped listings from different channels, but still want to have a price offset between channels.

For example: a user has listings mapped in PriceLabs from Airbnb + Guesty, and wants the Guesty prices to always be 40EUR higher than the Airbnb prices. This can be done by setting Price Offset to "Fixed 40 EUR" on the Guesty listing (as long as all other customizations are the same, to guarantee price parity).


As mentioned above, this setting is applied on top of all you price customizations, which includes Fixed Price Overrides, Orphan Discounts, etc. This means that the Recommend Price of a listing that uses this customization may go above your Maximum Price or below you Minimum Price

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