Partner Spotlight: Pass The Keys

This week we are excited to introduce a property manager, Pass The Keys, who has been using PriceLabs for some time now. We dive a bit into how they got started, why they use dynamic pricing service and what's next in the world of vacation rentals. Can you tell us a bit about Pass The… Read More

Announcing integration with Orbirental - a leading vacation rental management platform

We are pleased to announce integration with Orbirental to get you the most out of competitive pricing for your vacation rental directly on your Orbirental calendar. PriceLabs' data-driven pricing will help your properties stay on top of the competition in your area and increase your occupancy levels. PriceLabs works everywhere on this planet! You name… Read More

How to integrate PriceLabs with Beds24

Note: If you use multiple Beds24 accounts to access the same property, the API key must always be from the account which owns the property. For using Beds24 with PriceLabs, there are some steps that are to be completed on Beds24 before you import your listings. Get your API key from beds24 by going to… Read More

Announcing integration with Beds24 - a leading property management and channel management system

We are excited to announce integration with Beds24. This seamless integration allows property managers on Beds24 platform to take advantage of PriceLabs’ data-driven pricing and push optimized nightly rates to various channels and their own website using Beds24’s sophisticated channel manager. For a list of channels that Beds24 integrates with see here. Vacation rental… Read More

Feature Update! Base Price Help

One of the starting points of thinking about pricing your property, even before thinking about dynamic pricing is – what should the base price be. From both users of PriceLabs, and from numerous enquiries, we learnt one thing – individuals were looking for data to understand what should their base price be. As a first step, we… Read More

Market Intelligence Reports

2015 saw significant changes in vacation and short term rental landscape starting from new service companies, more properties to Expedia acquiring Homeaway. In these changing times, it is important owners and property manager to stay abreast with their neighborhoods to stay competitive. We are excited to introduce just that solution for individuals and property managers:… Read More

New features: local data and calendar view

Over the last couple of weeks, we at PriceLabs have been extremely busy. Some days we have worked like this.. ... and it's extremely satisfying to hear feedback from you! We have improved our algorithm over the last month and have added new features based on your feedback. We are excited to announce 2 new features:… Read More