Hostaway Integration!

We're very excited to announce our integration with Hostaway. Hostaway's platform offers an automated channel manager solving the hassle of double-bookings, making guest communication easier and let you focus on your business, saving you time and money to focus on the things that matter in life. Their mission statement is to offer professional property managers… Read More

Announcing Integration with Streamline VRS!

We're very excited to announce our integration with Streamline VRS. Streamline is an all-in-one property management system, and their quality suite of programs has made it easier than ever before to manage a large volume of properties by providing property managers with every function they may need. Using PriceLabs with Streamline is easy, and we've… Read More

PriceLabs + SuperControl Integration

We are very excited to announce our integration with SuperControl - many of you have already been using this integration successfully! This integration allows property managers using SuperControl to take advantage of PriceLabs’ data-driven revenue management and push nightly rates into SuperControl and to 100+ booking websites from there. SuperControl is an innovative online booking… Read More

Tips From Our Users

We're lucky to have sophisticated users who are constantly pushing us to improve the revenue management capabilities PriceLabs brings. Every so often, you share your hacks/tricks about how you use PriceLabs that can be simple and effective. It was about time we started consolidating them in one place to share with everyone! For smaller… Read More

Partner Spotlight: One Fine Flat

This week we are excited to showcase One Fine Flat in our Partner Spotlight. We dive into what differentiates them from other vacation rental companies, why they use dynamic pricing and how they've streamlined their operations. Can you tell us a bit about One Fine Flat? One Fine Flat, Inc. is an international property management… Read More

Customization Groups to Help Manage Multiple Listings Together

Note: This post does not describe each individual customization, but focuses on how these can be created for a group of listings. For information about the available customizations, please see pricing customizations, min-night customizations, and date specific overrides. As PriceLabs grows and becomes the revenue management platform of choice for owners/hosts as well as… Read More

Understanding Customization and Date-Specific Override Hierarchy

Note: This post is does not describe the details of each customizations and date-specific overrides. Those are available in other posts under the Customizations Section of the blog. This blog details the hierarchy in which listing, group and account customizations and date specific overrides are applied. If you are reading this post, you probably are… Read More

Managing pricing for a large portfolio from PriceLabs

Most of our users are very familiar with the main dynamic pricing dashboard. You login to this frequently to monitor how your listings are doing, review prices, change base/min/max prices and customizations as you need. In this post we want to highlight some features that will help streamline this process for you. Customizations… Read More

Announcing Integration with BookingSync - A Complete Vacation Rental Management Platform

We are excited to announce integration with BookingSync! This integration allows vacation rental owners and managers using BookingSync to take advantage of PriceLabs’ data-driven pricing. Vacation rental property managers across the world are using PriceLabs, the only global vacation rental pricing optimization tool, to increase revenues. The most recently launched features - automated minimum stay… Read More