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Managing a large portfolio of listings from PriceLabs

Most of our users are very familiar with the main dynamic pricing dashboard. You login to this frequently to monitor how your listings are doing, review prices, change base/min/max prices and customizations as you need.

In this post we want to highlight some features that will help streamline this process for you.

  • Manage Listings Tab: We've been evolving this page over time as we learn more and more from all of you on what will make things easier for you. Some functionality available here:

    • Show or hide a listing on the main dashboard: this is extremely useful when you have a bunch of inactive listings in your account, and you don't really want to see them on a daily basis on the main dashboard
    • Assign group names: The search functionality on the main pricing dashboard can use group names as well! Use address, city, neighborhood, or whatever code names you can come up with. From that point on, you can search listings on your pricing dashboard using the group name you used.
    • Mass edit min/base/max prices: Want to quickly run down all your listings to make sure prices are set fine? These fields are editable, so you can quickly make sure you've set things right
    • Using multiple PMSs: This is useful if you have the same property listed on multiple channels/portals and want our prices in all these. More on that here.
  • Customizations Page: If you want to apply a certain customization for all listings in your account, you can use the customization page. For listings that have their own specific customization, the account level settings will be ignored. The account level settings can be set for each PMS/channel that you use. This page also lets you quickly review and update customizations on each listing individually - so you can quickly review your entire portfolio easily!

We've enhanced the speed of these pages so that they load in a couple of seconds even if you have a 1000 listings (yes - we tested!). We hope these improvements and tips help you save time! As always, email us at