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Setting up your account for price updates through KeyData!

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We're super excited to announce our partnership with KeyData, which enables KeyData users to easily update prices into their PMS via PriceLabs. Please note that:

  • This partnership does not impact the settings or overrides within regular PriceLabs dynamic pricing
  • You should not be using both dynamic pricing and the KeyData price update service together (since you shouldn't be updating prices from two sources at the same time)

Setting up your PriceLabs account for KeyData access is easy:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Click on the blue "Connect your PMS" button and import your listings to PriceLabs.
  3. Turn on the toggle to sync prices to allow price updates to flow through. If there are listings that you don't want to change prices for, you can leave the sync off.
  4. Go to Account > Settings, and you should see your API key in there. You would need to provide this API key to KeyData to authorize price updates into PriceLabs.

That's it! Making price updates into your PMS shouldn't be hard, and we hope that this partnership improves your revenue management and pricing! If you have any questions, please feel free to email