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Announcing integration with Hostfully - a leading vacation rental management platform

We are pleased to announce integration with Hostfully to get you the most out of competitive pricing for your vacation rental directly on your Hostfully calendar. PriceLabs' data-driven pricing will help your properties stay on top of the competition in your area and increase your occupancy levels.

PriceLabs works everywhere on this planet! You name your city we have our machine-learning algorithms ready to crunch data to build optimized pricing models for your property. Our models look into all possible sources of demand and supply data to calculate daily base rates to optimize your pricing.

Customers across the globe use Hostfully to manage their vacation rental inventory. Hostfully helps managing team and resources the best way possible at a fraction of the cost of more complex software currently available on the market. Based on a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use sale-centric pipeline, and backed by a powerful automation engine, Hostfully maximizes lead-to-booking conversion rates, decreases operation costs and ultimately increases rental revenues for property owners and agencies.

This seamless integration allows Hostfully users to import properties to PriceLabs and see their dynamic pricing instantaneously. You can set your own base price on PriceLabs or see our own recommended base price. Once you are satisfied with the dynamic prices you can "Sync Prices" so that our servers can dynamically price your listings once every day on Hostfully's calendar.

After the integration, you can spend your quality time on improving your daily operations and being an awesome host instead of spending countless hours understanding your competition and syncing them across multiple channels.

Following are the steps to start integrating Hostfully properties with PriceLabs.

  1. Enable the switch on the Integrations page.

  2. Enable listings you want to use PriceLabs for.

  3. Make sure you have set "Nightly Base Price" and address of your property. Base Price, Address, Latitude-Longitude

  4. Obtain your Agency ID from

  5. Follow steps in our onboarding guide and choose Hostfully in step 2 and enter your Agency ID (shown in screenshot above) to import listings in. Whenever you enable new listings in Hostfully, please repeat this step so the new listings are brought in!

If you have any questions about how to use PriceLabs with your Hostfully account, please send an email to; want to learn about Hostfully? Please email

We love to hear from you.

PriceLabs Team