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Date-specific Overrides to Adjust Prices for Events and Seasons!

We've had the fixed date-specific overrides in place ever since we started - it allowed you to select a range of dates and set a manual override to our price recommendations. From that point on, as long as you have a date-specific override in place, we would only use the price you set.

This feature worked very well in many cases - most importantly when you had personal preferences that we wouldn't know of (you may not want to host anyone over the New Year's Eve unless there's a 3x premium that'll pay for your next year's gym membership, for example!), or for holidays when you think we aren't increasing our prices enough (or increasing too much!). While this flexibility was great, it was limited to using a fixed price that wouldn't change over time (no last-minute discounting, for example) or wouldn't work for longer periods since all the days would have the same fixed price.

We have added a new feature to change that, as you can see in the screenshot below!
Custom Pricing

You can now enter a percentage increase (up to 300%) or decrease (up to -40%) instead of a fixed value. In addition to allowing you to give your preferred prices for an event of holiday, the new feature also works great if you want to change prices for an entire season - for example, you may want to increase all June prices by 20% while still keeping them dynamic! In addition, you can also choose a date specific min-stay override, which will be used instead of any customizations you might have put in (other than the orphan rule).

The new rule you setup will be shown on your calendar just like before. Once you set a rule up, you will have to hit save/refresh to see the effects of the new rule come into action.
custom pricing effects

Group and Account level date-specific overrides : Many of our users have hundreds of listings, and making date specific min-stay and pricing adjustments for holidays or events to each listing one by one might be too time consuming. In such cases, we highly recommend using the account/pms level date-specific overrides (or group-level date specific overrides!) - you can find this on the customization page (Menu bar on top > Dynamic Pricing > Customizations). Click on the link that says "Date specific custom rules"

This opens up a calendar where you can click and drag over multiple dates to date specific settings:

  • Date-specific pricing factors to adjust prices for events and seasons
    • Fixed (available only at listing level): you choose your own price for those dates. This price can go outside the lowest/highest price boundary since you're entering your own price.
    • % of base price (available only at group/account level as a replacement for "Fixed" option above): Entering "-10" means you want a price that's 10% lower than the base price of a listing for those dates. This price can go outside the lowest/highest price boundary since you're effectively entering your own price. This price will now be static (no last minute adjustment, etc).
    • % of recommended price: Entering "-10" means you want a price that's 10% lower than our recommended price for a listing for those dates. This price will not go outside the lowest/highest price boundary. This price will continue to be dynamic since our recommendations will incorporate new information, and apply last minute discounts and other adjustments.
  • Date-specific min-stay value for events and seasons. Note that these settings can be overridden in case there is an orphan day gap and you have setup a rule for that. As an example, if you setup min-stay of 4 for a season, but a gap of 2 unbooked days gets created due to other bookings, this gap can be filled with a 2 day minimum if you have set it up that way.

Once entered, the calendar will look like the image below.

Now when you review prices for a listing, you can hover over these dates on the calendar, and the popup will show that you have an account level custom pricing factor being applied (you might have to click "Save/Refresh" button to recalculate prices using the newly set rules).

As always, if a date has both account level and listing level date-specific overrides, then the listing level rules are used.

When reviewing prices for a listing, you can also click on the "Date Specific Overrides" link at the bottom right corner to see what listing, group or account level overrides are in place.

The modal will show all the listing, group and account level overrides that are in place for this listing.

You can do the same on the customizations page to see Account and Group level overrides without having to scroll through the calendar.

We're confident that this new feature will make using PriceLabs an even smoother experience for you. As always, feel free to drop in your suggestions at - we have many improvements in the pipeline, and would be happy to hear your thoughts and incorporate them!